News: Beta Testers Wanted


Beta Testing is the process of testing something out before it’s officially ready/done/final. In the case, we’ve built an online platform for a social community that will feature LIVE and On-Demand classes & workshops, as well as other audio & video content, articles, book & podcast recommendations and so much more — and we need to test it. Like ‘put it to the test‘ kind of test it.


Because we can only keep tinkering with it behind-the-scenes for so long before we get caught in an infinite loop of mentally-exhausted googly eyes and “huh?” expressions… LOL

We may think something makes sense, but someone else, whose brain works differently, may see it and be totally confused and overwhelmed by it. We want this to feel easy and natural – it shouldn’t feel like work (except maybe the initial signing up part) – so we’re at the point where we’re ready for the next round of people to jump in and explore and tell us what they think?

Does the layout seem clear to you?

Do you understand how to find things?

Is it easy to navigate?

Is there a button or link somewhere that used to work and now doesn’t and we haven’t caught it? (happens more than you might think)


Ideally, good Beta Testers are naturally curious people who are also constructive and optimistic, by nature. Problem solvers & creative thinkers! And… patience definitely helps! If you get frustrated and want to close the app when a website doesn’t work the way you think it should, you’re probably not the best person for beta testing! 🙂

What we’re NOT looking for: Creative minds who want to critique colors, fonts, artwork and other things that go into the “feel” of a brand or it’s website. Love you all, however, we know that art, creativity, branding, colors, fonts, themes, etc – they’re all subjective, no brand or website is ever going to please everyone with their creative choices, and we’re not asking for input on those right now (we’ve already spent hundreds of hours on those!).

We’re looking for people who can constructively talk about whether it all makes sense to them and if it’s user-friendly – and if not, what they think we could do to make it more user-friendly.


Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you!

Beta Test Signup

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