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ThriveHive.Co is a brand new platform designed & developed to host a community of like-minded people looking to live happier, more authentic lives.

Our mission is to be an ongoing supportive resource, supporting those looking for a constructive and optimistic place to learn, grow, share and connect.

ThriveHive.Co the exclusive home an array of content to help inspire, guide, teach & support. From classes & workshops to articles, meditations, workbooks, group challenges, and more. Members also get access to exclusive content from our ThriveHive-produced podcasts, including “It’s Not Really About The Hair”  hosted by Tabatha Coffey, launching this Summer.

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How does
it work?

We are our first step toward building the world we want to live in. 

That requires awareness and adapting, aka doing the work – but it doesn’t have to feel like work all the time…

Part of THRIVING is letting go of the things you don’t need, that no longer serve your vision of a full, happy life. Being more aware actually feels lighter because it takes less energy & focus to live authentically than it does to hold on to all the baggage that is no longer supporting you.

Being aware means setting ourselves up for success, knowing more about our superpowers and our kryptonite. It means knowing when to step in and when to sit something out. It means understanding boundaries, ours and other people’s, and it means choosing to live authentically, transparently, and fully, as aligned as we can be, with our own individual goals.


Enter ThriveHive.Co – part social media, part classroom, part hangout space. We think of it as this big house we’ve built to host our community: you… Join us.

Having a supportive community around us, whether in-person or online, can make all the difference in helping us stay focused on our goals and aligned with purpose.

What we are...

(and what we're not)


We believe words & focus have power, put that power into negativity and that's what you'll get. We make a point to try to reframe, redefine and realign pessimism towards optimism.


Choosing to call ourselves out, face our involvement and our accountability, it's hard work, it requires vulnerability. We will not stand for bullying or judgment on the platform.


We are all ignorant about more than we're knowledgeable about. Once we accept that, it makes it so much easier to allow ourselves to open up to new ideas and learn.


Like the world around us, we are constantly evolving. We're learning, just like you, what works and what doesn't. Our team are constantly trying to evolve & adapt to better support you.


Everyone has their path, people learn and grow at different rates, in different ways, at different times.


We believe in equality & autonomy for all, as those are basic human rights. Beyond that, we try to stay out of it.


We have no affiliation with any religion. We respect your right to to your own beliefs. Our goal is to teach, not preach.


Our instructors, experts & contributors are individually chosen & approved for their skills and expertise.

It starts with you making the choice to join.

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What Our Members have said so far...
"ThriveHive has replaced my instagram habit - and I feel so much better. I've traded the trolls & doom scrolling for a supportive (and fun!) group of new friends."
Maria W., BitchCamper & Beta Tester

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