December. The end of the year is here… There are holidays, family gatherings, and year-end celebrations. Many of us will also experience looking back at 2023 as we start to plan for what we want out of 2024. All this on top of our normal,  everyday life…

If that sounds like a lot, it’s because it is! That’s why Decembe  is  All About Balance.

We’re building off November’s Boundaries lessons to help support you with Balance.

We’ve got a LIVE Campfire Social on Tuesday the 5th, so we can check in and see how we’re doing in the midst of the holiday season, followed that weekend by Tabatha’s new Class, ALL ABOUT BALANCE.

As we prep & plan for 2024, and some new launches, we’d LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU about what has worked, what might make life easier, what topics you’d like us to tackle, ideas you have – Let us know! If you feel comfortable, throw them in a comment on the COMMUNITY wall, and maybe others will like or even help build upon it – you can also DM Tabatha or Ty with ideas! 

We can’t wait to share next-steps and check in with you all soon!


December’s Theme:

All About Balance

LIVE social time on Dec 5th and Class on Dec 10th

What's Next:

All About Balance

Campfire Social
with Tabatha Coffey
December 5th
@8:30p Eastern/5:30p Pacific

Member Class:
with Tabatha Coffey

December 10th @ 2p Eastern/11a Pacific

Looking back to November:
All About Boundaries

Member Class #1:
All About Boundaries
with Tabatha Coffey
November 12th @ 2p Eastern/11a Pacific

Member Class #2:
Boundaries vs Demands
with Ty Jennings
November 19th @ 2p Eastern/11a Pacific